Intellectual Property and IT

Intellectual Property and IT

With the fast growing expansion of the computer technologies and the ability of people and companies to use these technologies, there is a growing need for consultation and enforcement in the field of intellectual property and IT. Under the term intellectual property, all works and intangible processes produced by the companies are considered. Such intellectual property represents an advantage over the competition. Under this, three categories do exist. The category of artistic work protected by copyright law, commercial strategies and intangible industrial property.

Under the commercial strategies we consider know-how, business secret as well as contracts preserving confidentiality. Under the category “arts” we consider, music, TV broadcasting, software, projects of architects and designers, original literary or other artistic work, as well as advertising and multimedia works. In the field of intangible industrial property, we especially focus on patents and inventions, intellectual patterns and trademarks.

In the field of intellectual property and IT, we are able to provide following services:

  • issues relating with the trademarks (including representation in front of respective state authorities)
  • consultation and advisory in cases concerning patents, know-how;
  • enforcement of right relating to protection of intangible industrial property;
  • consultation and advisory in the field of unfair competition and by violation of licensing rights.;
  • preparation and advisory in creation of contracts on intellectual property (contracts on work, license agreements)

In the field of IT, our law firm offers the following:

  • preparation of materials and ability to comment the documents needed for conclusion of a contract (contracts related to integration of software, software contracts);
  • consultation in the field of internet domains and domain disputes;
  • advisory and legal representation in disputes related to law of information technologies.