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Why choose us

The very name of the office "ius aegis" ("law - shield") expresses our vision to provide quality legal advice with a focus on the client. We are aware that we can only provide value if clients are presented with creative and comprehensive solutions to challenging legal problems and thus help them achieve their set business goals.

In order for legal services of the desired quality to be provided efficiently, we are able to provide advice in many legal areas, with the advantage of also focusing on specific business areas, business sectors, as well as economic regulation.

The motive of the office is to support work in teams composed of experts in several legal areas, in which the sharing of information and effective control of the output provided to the client works.

We are aware that the legislative environment in the Slovak Republic, with regard to the number of adopted indirect amendments, is unclear and often difficult to monitor, and therefore we provide clients with ongoing information about the state of legislation that may affect a specific area of their business, we point out problems that may arise in the given area arise and then, based on the client's requirements, we help solve them.

Last but not least, the attorneys and lawyers of the office take care to maintain a high communication standard so that the clients of the office always receive a complete, clear, legible and above all clear and precisely formulated answer to a defined problem, and at the same time the opportunity to turn to every advisor of the office with confidence at any time.


Services of the law firm ius aegis

Law firm ius aegis s.r.o. provides a full range of legal services to satisfy and in many cases even anticipate the needs of clients. At the same time, the office cooperates with tax and accounting advisors, experts and experts in specific fields.

  • Commercial and corporate law

    Commercial and corporate law

  • Banking and finance

    Banking and finance

  • Competition and public procurement

    Competition and public procurement

  • Regulated activities and price regulation

    Regulated activities and price regulation

  • Litigation agenda

    Litigation agenda

  • Labour law

    Labour law

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions

  • Real estate and construction

    Real estate and construction

  • Environment


  • Medical / Pharmaceutical law

    Medical / Pharmaceutical law

our team

JUDr. Radoslav Zigo

JUDr. Radoslav Zigo

Managing Partner

Mgr. Miroslav Krištof


Mgr. Miroslav Krištof
JUDr. Simona Bacigálová Psotková

JUDr. Simona Bacigálová Psotková


Mgr. Jakub Jura, LL.M.


JUDr. Katarína Bartalská

JUDr. Katarína Bartalská


JUDr. Gabriela Petáková

Junior Lawyer

JUDr. Gabriela Petáková

Bc. Dorota Šatková


Mgr. Mária Holubová

Office manager

Mgr. Mária Holubová
Tím Ius Aegis

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